Thursday, July 5, 2012

A stockpile approximately 900 Saabs is finally set to get sold off after having sat in three U.S. ports since December 2011 as collateral inside company’s financial snafu.
Six months later small army of Swedish cars is finally growing for auction, though to not everyone. The vehicles accumulated after Ally financial claimed Saab missed payments. You start with the 1st 300 cars, the holding company will offer lots to Saab dealers in 45 unit increments. While the auctions are restricted to keep the majority of people from bidding, those cars will likely find themselves in dealer lots soon.

The remaining 600 until are likewise auctioned in six lots of 100 each to rental agencies and exporters and can likely never see U.S. sale with the exception of those sold off through the rental companies.

Choosing a new Saab probably seems like a risk given the company’s collapse, but we recently reported which the brand’s parts arm will continue to work, meaning owners are able to maintain their cars even though new vehicle production has ceased.

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