Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Welcome spring!   It is warm today in St. John's and I finally feel like we are moving on from winter. My friend in England is mourning the disappearance of the daffodil while we are awaiting its arrival. With all the sunshine pouring in,  I knew it was time to add a little spring to the front entry.  It will be a long time yet before we see the forsythia and tulips.  If you read this blog you already know I am not a big seasonal decorator and recycling and dollar store finds are my go tos.

green and purple simple spring wreath Margaret Ryall

This wreath has served me for three years and moved from a  natural colour, to silver, and then on to purple, but today thanks to two different  spray paints  it is green. Yes, I'm still painting things. Spring greens are so hopeful.  The dollar store provided five bunches of spring flowers that I tore apart and reworked . I was so happy to feel the warm breeze I even added  a ribbon and I never add ribbons to wreaths!

Love this one, because I love circle shapes and eggs are such a part of spring celebrations.

daisy pail eggs wreath

This would be called a sway I suppose.  The gerbers are so bright and bold and the pail anchors the design.

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